How we started

We started Second Door because we saw an opportunity for short-term rental management as Airbnb continued to grow. We had some experience with Vacation Rentals in Orlando and the company we worked for in Kansas City decided to buy a few houses back in 2011 to use to host vendors and business partners when they would come into town to visit us. It sounded more fun than staying at a hotel. The houses were decked out and backed up to a popular shopping/restaurant district. The houses were a combination of corporate housing and vacation rentals in a way. The company put vendors in the houses but also allowed employees to stay in the houses for staycations when they weren’t being used.

We learned a lot about how to manage short-term stays through those ventures. We developed systems for booking, cleaning, door locks, maintenance, stocking, etc. We didn’t have more than a handful of vendors coming into town each year, so the houses were vacant quite a few days. So, we decided to throw the houses on Airbnb and see what would happen. Wow, we started booking the houses out solid for weeks. We wondered if our processes would hold up, and they did!

So we started digging in to see if there were any other companies managing short-term rentals and there were some out there, but none in our area. From there we went all in on creating a company that specializes in the management of Airbnb and other short-term rentals, and we called it Second Door.

What We Do

We are a short-term rental management company that specializes in Kansas City Airbnb management. We are like a property management company you would use for long-term rentals, but we focus on Airbnb stays primarily. We take care of everything for you so you don't have to do anything except watch your money come in. Our target customer is someone who has a second home that they want to rent out to make some extra money. We can show you why short stays might be better than long-term stays.

We are the property managers, but if you are also looking for a place to stay, check out some of the properties we manage. It would give you a first-hand look at the experience we provide our guests. Not to mention, the properties have some awesome amenities! You can avoid the fees from the other rental sites by booking direct with us.